Bathroom Waterproofing Mistakes To Avoid

Bathroom Waterproofing in Melbourne Homes

bathroom waterproofingBathroom waterproofing is one of the most important things that a person should do to ensure that their bathroom is left in order and within the set standards. When I think about a bathroom, I found it is the most dripping area of the house, so bathroom waterproofing is necessary and recommended, for making law possibility of structural incidents. Bathrooms are the major wet area in the house and it is important that the

Bathrooms are the major wet area in the house and it is important that the bathroom waterproofing is correctly applied in order to reduce the risk of structural damage occurring as a result of dampness, water leaks, or condensation. It is mandated by law and must comply with Building Code Australia (BCA) Australian Standards AS3740-1994. 

Proper bathroom waterproofing is absolutely vital to keep water from leaking and flooding into your floors, which can easily rot the internal structure of your bathroom, and down the line, your house. Some people don’t take bathroom renovation seriously that is why it leads to a disaster.

Here’s a video that may give us an idea to avoid bathroom waterproofing disaster.

10 Ways To Avoid The Most Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Give your bathroom a new look without giving yourself a headache!

Renovating your bathroom is one of the most effective ways of boosting your home’s value. But attempting this project without a remodeling contractor could potentially be disastrous. Here are some tips to avoid the common mistakes you might make:

Keep Some Light On The Subject

Good lighting is necessary for many bathroom activities, from shaving to applying makeup. Many people make the mistake of placing regular ambient lighting in their bathroom. Task lighting is crucial for any well-designed bathroom design.

Air It Out

You should never overlook your bathroom fan. If your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation, humidity will cause moistures to accumulate on the bathroom’s surfaces, leading to mildew and deterioration of paint and grout. To keep your fan clean, vacuum the vent regularly.

Have A Plan

Don’t expect to figure it out as you go along. Make sure you have a plan in place before you begin demolition. This includes your materials, your budget, and who is doing which tasks throughout the project.

Be meticulous

Many bathroom renovation DIYers overlook small mistakes. As soon as you notice a mistake, no matter how inconsequential it seems, fix it immediately. That crooked tile or misaligned paint stroke will always bother you.

Set a realistic budget

Take a careful look at your finances before setting your budget. Then choose a realistic number, write it down, and stick to it. If you set an unrealistically high budget, you will have to sacrifice the quality of your bathroom towards the end of the project.

Make Sure There Is Good Drainage

It is important that you slope your shower floor correctly so that the water can flow into the drain. If the base of your shower is not properly slanted, there will be standing water in your shower, which will lead to mold and mildew.

Measure the Toilet “Rough-In” Before Ordering

The rough-in of a toilet is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the outlet pipe. You need to know the rough-in size before ordering a toilet so that you can make sure that the toilet will fit in your bathroom and work correctly.

Avoid Using Porous Materials

Make sure the surfaces in your bathroom are impervious to moisture. Any porous material used in a bathroom will rot, swell or discolor over time. If you use a porous stone like travertine marble, seal it in order to prevent damage.

For Waterproofing, Hire A Professional

Leaking showers are expensive to fix. Luckily, they can be avoided with a Certified-waterproofing tradesman. Make sure you get a waterproofing certificate and warranty. This will come in handy when you try to sell your home later.

Storage Is Key

There are a number of products that you will need to store in your bathroom. Invest in some vanity drawers and make sure there are recesses in the shower wall for shampoos and soaps. Mirrored shaving cabinets are a good idea if you have children who you want to keep razors away from.

Taking on a bathroom remodel all by yourself can be quite a challenge. For the best results, hire a professional to renovate your bathroom. Use Handy and you’ll be matched with the perfect remodeling contractor in no time.

Keeping in mind that bathroom waterproofing is not a DIY project or a job for unlicensed amateurs, knowing how bathroom waterproofing is done will help you understand why the job needs to be done right.