Waterproofing Membrane

Quality Waterproofing Membrane

Man applying waterproofing membraneWaterproofing is a crucial part of the construction industry. If the work is not completed correctly and to Australian Standard, then it will inevitably result in failure. Unfortunately for many homeowners, it often does which is when remediation work is required.

At AAA Waterproofing Pros, we understand that the waterproofing method is very much a case-by-case scenario. The waterproofing membrane used will depend on the project at hand, the site, the budget and much more.

We always ensure that we complete the work to the highest of standards, only using qualified materials, in order to avoid costly failures down the line. Choosing the right product for your project is critical to achieving quality waterproofing.

Choosing a Waterproofing Membrane That Won’t Fail

We have an enormous amount of experience in specifying and installing waterproofing membrane systems for a variety of areas. We deal with everything from shower repair to leaky balconies and bathroom waterproofing.

Our range of experience has given us the essential know-how required to choose the right waterproofing membrane for any project, no matter how big or small. From geomembranes to flashing and bentonite sheeting, we can find the right product and materials to suit your needs.

We carefully select a membrane with a low water vapour transmission rate to guarantee the best long-term results. Your investment is worth the right waterproofing, which is why we only select waterproofing membranes that will stand the test of time.

Services Provided:

Professional Tradesmen

AAA Waterproofing Pros is known for providing a dependable service, time and time again. When reliable waterproofing matters to your project, you know that you can count on our professional and highly skilled tradesmen.

Whether you need waterproofing Melbourne services for new builds, remedial works to older homes or to fix a damaging leak, AAA Waterproofing Pros has the solution. Our work is always completed to Australian standards.

Simply call us on (03) 9034 9060 so we can work to find the right solution for your waterproofing project.